Meet Billy

On lead vocals and acoustic guitar is Billy James Lassi.  Billy is originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He began his professional music career in 1990 as a member of a Rock’n’Roll Tribute Show, where he had the opportunity to work with the fifties rock icon, Buddy Knox. In April of 1993 he migrated to Reno, NV when he was hired to be the lead vocalist of a Reno based band.

In January of 1995 he left that band to form the Midnight Riders who went on to be primarily be the house band for a popular Reno Night Club. He ran the full-time band Midnight Riders from January 20th, 1995 until March 9th, 2015, just two months past their 20 year anniversary. Billy disbanded the Midnight Riders and came off the road to be a full-time father to his now two-year-old baby girl.

The joy of performing and his love for music brought Billy together with Reckless Envy bandmates Keith Lindsey and Virginia Bowman. In addition to his tremendous vocal talent, Billy adds his own high energy brand of entertainment to the bands dynamic onstage performance. He even adds to the performance by occasionally joining the audience in the fun offstage in telling jokes, making toasts, taking song requests and making special announcements such as birthdays, engagements, anniversaries.

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